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About Teva Deli

At Teva Deli we create delectable -vegan food exclusively from plants  for a healthy and balanced diet. Our goal is to bring to the costumer high quality products which do not harm the environment or animals, have great flavor, good nutritional values and are reasonably priced.

Since Teva Deli was established in 1995, our selection keeps on growing and today includes a variety of savory dishes and other products that can be used for sandwiches, salads, stews or casseroles, and on the grill as well.


Teva Deli makes seitan – a juicy vegan dish based on wheat gluten – which makes a delicious main course in any meal.  We offer seitan based savory dishes:  gyros, Bolognese, mixed grill based on seitan and tofu, seitan and vegetables stir-fry, and  kebabs. These dishes are sold refrigerated and ready to serve within five minutes of heating.


Another popular product is our vegan burgers made from quinoa, sprouted lentils, almonds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, brown rice, adzuki beans (which contains a high percentage of antioxidants), mung beans and buckwheat. Every burger contains a combination of legumes and rice, creating a bonding  of essential amino acids.

Our Vegan barbeque burgers is another product that proves that vegans can also enjoy  barbeques, with delicious burgers make of soy and seitan.Both lines of burgers can be obtained in patty form or as ground mix (a more economical item).

A separate line of products has been created for our HORECA line - Hotels, Restaurants and catering. This line focuses on raw ingredeints for main courses  - seitan, tofu, burgers, vegan sausages - all in a refrigerated or frozen state. In addition we offer dry soy chunks for easy-to-prepare main dishes- just soak, season and cook.

Teva Deli's mission

Using the most nutritional and high quality ingredients.

All Teva Deli's products contain only high quality and nutritional ingredients, using whole grains and healthy ingredients with high nutritional density (such as adzuki, quinoa and flaxseeds).


Caring for the environment and for people.

We are deeply concerned about climate change, generated by the highly polluting meat industry and its emissions of green house gases. By creating great tasting vegan food, we hope to contribute to less meat consumption,  critical to successfully tackling climate change.  In the past few years we have significantly decreased the use of imported ingredients, using products made by local manufacturers. This step has been taken out of awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution generally, as a result of transatlantic cargo delivery.


Expanding the range of vegan products.

According to a Ministry of Health study, 8.5% of the Israelis citizens are vegetarian or vegan. Local meat alternatives usually contain egg protein, and therefore are not suitable for vegans. Teva Deli's goal is to constantly expand and develop the healthy vegan product selection. We will happily receive any suggestion or ideas concerning new or existing products.


Developing and making products suitable for special vegetarian diets.

In addition to our vegan products, we also develop products  made without gluten and without soy. We invite you to discover our line of four burgers based on legumes, whole rice, quinoa, and chia.

While not certified gluten-free, our Okara patties with vegetables are made from natural soy puree and without gluten.


Supporting non-profit organizations which serve as a voice for animals.

We care about animals and protest their abuse by the meat industry.. Cooperation with and support of non-profit organizations for animal welfare and protection, is a key element of our work. These organizations are leading the way in demonstrating how to both eat well while protecting animals from the cruelty of the meat-producing industries.

Our Products:

BBQ Burgers


Okara Patties



Seitan Emarant

Seitan Meals

Seitan Sausages

Scnitzel Seitan

Kobe Seitan

Ground Seitan

Vegan Cashew Cheese

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